Talk to your customers.
Build right. Sell better.

Fathom is for customer-centric companies that need to understand their customers better.


1. Live-Intercepts

Context is crucial when collecting feedback. Live-intercepting visitors gives you your visitors’ most accurate recounting of their experience.

Our Recruitment Popup invites your customers and website visitors to participate in a feedback interview with you.

2. Feedback Interviews on Phone

Conduct customer interviews over regular phone calls.

If you want to talk, the phone is as ubiquitous as it gets. Research says that customers are likely to share their most honest opinions, on a phone, in the safety of their living rooms.


3. Customer Segmentation

Precisely select whom you want to talk with. Use elaborate targeting filters such as traffic source, geography, pages visited, actions taken, CPC campaign parameters etc. See a comprehensive list of the filters here.

4. Interview Calls at your Convenience.

Use our Calendar to define when you want to receive interview calls, by hour of the day, day of the week etc. Even at your designated hours, if you are unavailable to take a call, just reject it - the campaign will be paused until your un-pause it again.

When you are unavailable your visitors can leave messages for you.


5. Call Recordings, Transcriptions and Reports

Recordings of the interview calls are retained, with permission from the interview participant.

You can share these interviews with your teams with different access levels.

Predefined reports such as bug reports, customer moods and other important points are automatically generated from the consolidated call recordings.

More Features

6. Campaigns

Campaigns are designed to let you address a specific problem you are trying to solve. Define an objective, target a specific visitor segment and carry out interviews. Responses are recorded and stored under the campaign.

7. Live-Annotations

Use your Live Call Manager to annotate an ongoing call with key discoveries such as Bug Report, Unclear Expectations, Customer Emoticons,

8. Live Call-Manager

Your live dashboard when an interview is in-progress. Get prior information about your respondent and enter call notes.

9. Interview Outsourcing

Use our Team features and invite your Market Research partners help you with the interviews. Different access levels make sure you allow only as much access as you want to.