Product, Marketing and UX Goals for your Website

Use Fathom to achieve these goals for your business


Creating Buyer Personas

Creating a buyer persona is grouping your customers with similar characteristics and attributes, and then using fictional characters to represent these groups. Keeping these Buyer Personas in mind will allow you to be on target in your marketing and product building activities.

Use Fathom to build Buyer Personas for your business with minimal cost and time investment.

Build Buyer Personas

Conducting Usability Testing

Usability Testing can remove the biggest impediments to your users using your new products and features. Contextually live-intercept your users and get the most pertinent, actionable insights.



Developing Hypotheses for A/B Testing

A/B testing needs hypotheses like "Changing CTA text from 'Get Access' to 'Sign up' will increase CTR". Your users can give you insights on which you can base your hypotheses for A/B tests.

Collecting Customer Feedback

In-depth interviews can reveal insights such as purchase deterrents on the checkout page or reasons for high bounce rates on CPC landing pages. Complement your quantitative feedback collection efforts with a qualitative one.



Reducing Cart Abandonment

A 5% conversion-rate improvement at the checkout page is a 5% increase in the top-line of your company. A simple yet powerful way of reducing cart abandonment is to ask hesitating customers what the problem seems to be.