Frequently Asked Questions

Fathom is an end-to-end solution for carrying out feedback interviews with your customers and  website visitors.

You can conduct usability testing interviews, user experience interviews, interviews to build customer personas, interviews to test comprehension of your marketing copy, among others.

First, sign up for a free Fathom account, grab your tracking code and paste it on every page of your website.

After that define the customer segment you would like to interview using filters such as traffic source, location, technology, actions performed etc.

Once you define the segment, Fathom will live-intercept visitors satisfying your filters with a recruitment pop-up. Visitors will be encouraged to participate in your interviews. Many visitors may not have the time to oblige; however you can encourage them by following several of our best practices.

When a visitor agrees for an interview, you will be immediately connected to them over a phone call. You can conduct the interview and get answers from your participants.