Fathom for Agencies

Help your clients conduct feedback interviews with their customers and website visitors using Fathom.

What Customer Interviews can Achieve

Detect Usability Problems

Testing with real users can reveal non-obvious usability issues in new products.

Evaluate comprehension of Help documentation

Users on Help text are nearing the bottom of the sales funnel. Make sure they are served.

Build user personas

User personas are indispensable for a marketing strategy. Develop them by talking to customers.

Determine reasons for shopping-cart abandonment

Recruiter respondents about to exit a shopping cart.

Fathom reasons for high-bounce rates

Make the most of ad spends. Understand and decrease bounce rates on CPC landing pages.

Understand form abandonment

Fathom reasons for form drop-offs at crucial sales steps.


  • 1. Customer Segmenting

    Fathom’s code snippet installed on your website, monitors and segments your visitors and customers.

  • 2. Live-intercept Recruitment

    Our Recruitment Popup invites qualified visitors to participate in a feedback interview with you.

  • 3. Customer-initiated Interviews

    Willing participants initiate the interview, executed over a phone call. Setup once, take as many calls you you want to.

  • 4. Recording and Transcriptions

    Interviews are recorded with permission, transcribed and saved to your account.

  • 5. Offline Messages

    When you are unavailable, let visitors leave you feedback messages using our widget.

  • 6. Teams

    Generate automated reports from the recordings. Let different teams participate in the exercise.

How it works

1. Install Fathom

Fathom is installed onto your website with a few lines of JavaScript. You can use a Tag Manager for that.

2. Define Segments

Use our rich library of filters to define segments you want to interview.

3. We recruit Participants

Website visitors that qualify for defined segments are prompted to participate in interviews.

4. Take the Interviews

Take interviews yourself or get help from our Market Research partners.

5. View Reports

Interview recordings and transcriptions are available for analysis. Invite your team to help.

Keeping Agencies in Mind

Add as many websites as you would like to, in your account. Manage them from one simple interface. Add multiple team members to each website with different access levels.


As an agency you can help your clients setup and conduct feedback interviews with their customers and website visitors. Feedback interviews can be used to detect usability problems in a new product, build personas for a business or evaluate comprehension of website copy.