Buyer Persona Interviews

Live-intercept your website visitors to conduct buyer persona interviews with them.

To build accurate, representative personas of your users, you need to talk to them. Use Fathom to live-intercept your website visitors and conduct phone interviews with them.

Segment your visitors on attributes such as pages visited, time spent, technology, exit intent etc. and choose the visitors that you want to interview. For example, if your paying customers visit a “Payment Success” page, you can interview them by targeting visitors to this page.

Follow our tutorial below to setup a campaign and conduct your buyer persona interviews.


Step 1. Setup your Website on Fathom

First create a free account at Fathom. After you complete sign up, setup your website and grab the tracking code. The setup process of this JavaScript tracking code is similar to that of Google Analytics or any other analytics service.

Place your tracking code in every page of your website. Our Help Center has  detailed instructions on achieving this step.

Step 2. Run a Campaign

A Campaign helps you tackle a particular problem statement or goal. Our goal now is to create Buyer Personas for our business.

An important tool at our disposal when creating a Campaign is defining the right segment to target. You can use our rich list of visitor attributes to target the right visitor segment to interview. You can find more information about running campaigns here.

Step 3. Conduct the Interviews

When the Campaign is setup, a Recruiter Popup is presented to your website visitors that qualify for your segment criteria. Interested participants initiate the interview and are connected to interviewers you have selected.

Who takes the Interviews? - Your team can take the interviews or you can hire a Market Research agency to conduct the interviews on your behalf.

Step 4. Build the Buyer Personas

Now that you have completed the interviews, you have the information required to build your buyer personas.

User interviews are recorded with permission from the interview participant. While the interviews are in progress you can live annotate the interviews. These annotations will help you quickly jump to relevant portions of the recording. Transcripts of the interviews will be auto-generated and provided beside the recordings.

Using the information gathered during the interviews you can begin to build buyer personas for your business.