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Fathom takes the pain away from recruitment, scheduling, conducting and analysing user interviews.
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The Fathom Journey

Why we are building Fathom

why build fathom

About Me

My name is Pinaki and I am the founder of Fathom. I have been building and marketing internet products for the past eight years. Before Fathom, I have started up four times. Three of my ventures failed, while the fourth, a web-based software application called, is currently functional and  yields a fair amount of monthly revenues. The convenience of steady, sustenance money can be an inertia trap for a startup founder. For better or for worse, after a good amount of soul-searching and data-crunching towards the end of 2017, I decided that I had to move on to something more substantial.

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Customer Feedback

How to Select Participants for your Customer Feedback Interview


In the era of big data, quantitative research has become a primary focus for businesses seeking to improve their products. With mobile apps and social media extracting the most minute details from its users, it would appear that this is the direction that businesses should take. But qualitative research such as customer feedback interviews still play an important role in a product’s development.

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