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Lead Generation Small Business

How to Install a Free Callback widget on your Website


If your website yields at least a few leads per month then you have a good reason to try and grow it further to even more leads per month. It is already a proven channel for you and where you could find a few customers you can find even more.

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Landing Pages

Getting Started with Landing Pages – Know the Functional Blocks



Designing your first few landing pages can be quite overwhelming.

Consider this – how do you decide whether to prioritise product benefits, or product features? Conventional wisdom says that you should prioritise benefits, but does that apply to every product? Does it apply to, say, when you are selling Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices? Taking it a step further, lets say your NAS business has a landing page serving CPC traffic coming from the keywords – “nas armada dual core 20tb”.

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User Experience

Mobile App Design Principles

mobile app design principles

With extensive adoption of smartphones and apps all around, a thorough understanding of mobile app design principles is indispensable when building a mobile app.

In this talk, Jenny Gove, Google’s UX Research Lead, talks about a UX study carried out by Google to identify the most recurring usability problems faced by users when using mobile apps. The findings of this study is discussed in this article.

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User Experience

Prototyping and Scenario Based Design

prototyping and scenario based design

Is the whole process of prototyping just a waste of precious time and effort? Putting your heart and soul into something that is just a mere approximation might seem like just that to many people.

We look at a talk between Mustafa, Design Advocate at Google and Brendan Kearns, Senior Designer at Google about the right way to approach prototyping


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User Experience

Web Fonts- The State of the Web

Why is the need for web fonts? Why should we not use regular, old print fonts? What advantages do they bring to users?

We analyse a talk between, Rick Viscomi and Dave Crossland, Fonts Program Manager at Google, about the state of web fonts.

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Usability Testing User Experience

UX Research and Usability Testing

Most people would agree that conducting UX research and usability testing is extremely important to the eventual success of a product. However not every may know how or where to start.

We look at a talk between Mustafa, Design advocate at Google, and Jenny Gove, senior UX researcher about methods of usability testing, its relevance today and the importance of hiring UX researchers.

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User Experience

Using Gestalt Principles in Web Design to Improve UX

A good grasp of Psychology and a thorough understanding of the Gestalt principles are essential for designers looking to deliver great user experiences.

In the following video, Mustafa, Design Advocate at Google, and Sven Laqua, head of UX at Digital Science discuss the prevailing environment in the world of design, and design tools in particular.

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User Experience

Autocomplete/ Autofill as an important subset of Great Form Design UX

When designing forms, web developers concern themselves with putting up the required input fields, while mostly or completely ignoring the UX design of the form. This could spell trouble conversions and thus the business in the long term.

We summarise the following video where Mustafa Kurtuldu, Design Advocate at Google speaks to Adrienne Porter Felt, Engineer and Manager at Google Chrome, about how the autocomplete and autofill features can be used to create better UX design for forms.

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Usability Testing User Experience

An Experiment on Increasing ROI of an Adwords Campaign



In this experiment we will take an existing internet-based product, create a PPC Adwords campaign for it, design landing pages and optimise them to get the best ROI possible. As a digital marketer there is an abundance of theory on the internet to learn from. Let us apply some of those to see if they work as they are supposed to.

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Customer Feedback User Experience

Is your Landing Page Raising more Questions than it is Answering?

bad design


In this article we analyse whether you need a landing page or is your home page or a product page good enough for your PPC campaign?

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