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Talk to your customers. Build right. Sell better.

Fathom is an end-to-end solution for live-intercept, feedback interviews, with your customers and website visitors.
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Why talk to Customers?

There is no Substitute to Talking

Satisfaction Scores and Net Promoter Scores measure customer satisfaction. But you also need to fathom the reasons for those scores.

The Problem with Customer Feedback Interviews

Conducting Customer Feedback Interviews can be Exasperating

Compiling data from multiple systems, segmenting customers, emailing to fix appointments, interviewing, analysing responses - this is an inter-department, time-consuming exercise that can be intimidating for most people.

Fathom can help

Fathom gives you Powerful Tools for Conducting Customer Feedback Interviews

You do the talking, we will take care of everything else.

Customer Segmenting

Fathom's code snippet installed on your website, monitors and segments your visitors and customers.

Participant Recruitment

Define the segment you want to talk to. Interview participants are automatically recruited.

Interview Scheduling

You can interview visitors live on your website. If you don't want live interviews, we will schedule them for later.

Recording and Transcriptions

Your interviews will be recorded, transcribed and saved to your account.

Participant Compensation

Compensate participants with gift cards; let us automate that for you.


Generate automated reports from the recordings. Let different teams participate in the exercise.

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What you can use Fathom for

Segment Customers and Get Answers from Them

High bounce rates, low conversions, abandoned shopping carts - who are the people behind these statistics? Give faces to the numbers.

Organic Traffic Bounces

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Internal Searches


CPC Bounces

Trial Expiry Abandonment

Exits from Tutorials


Heavy Users Gone Silent

Feedback from Profitable Users

Form Abandonment

How it Works

Easily install Fathom with just a few lines of JavaScript.

1. Install Fathom

Fathom is installed onto your website with a few lines of JavaScript. You can use a Tag Manager for that.

2. Define Segments

Use our rich library of filters to define segments you want to interview.

3. We recruit Participants

Website visitors that qualify for defined segments are prompted to participate in interviews.

4. Take the Interviews

Take interviews yourself or get help from our Market Research partners.

5. View Reports

Interview recordings and transcriptions are available for analysis. Invite your team to help.

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Customers First

Hear it Straight from the Horse's Mouth

To check if your business is working the way it should be, you have to go all the way to the source - your customers. It is not rocket science - it is simply asking your customers if it's working for them.

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Join our beta list today and get access to Fathom ahead of others.